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The key to our success is our employees.  Simple. We offer our employees a competitive benefits program.   Medical   Insurance    –   our   insurance   has   been   recognized   as   best   in   class.      It   covers   major medical, dental, prescription drugs and vision services.   Life   Insurance -   in   order   to   provide   assistance   to   our   employees   family   members,   we   offer   a life   insurance   which   includes   accidental   death   and   dismemberment.      Our   employees   have the opportunity to buy additional insurance. Savings   plan    –   We   support   our   employees   in   their   financial   goals   and   help   them   save   for their future by providing a competitive employer match based on employee’s contribution. Employee   Scholarship   Program    –   this   program   is   designed   to   enrich   our   employee’s   career by providing full payment of tuition expenses for graduate and undergraduate degrees. Short Term Disability – insurance that covers non occupational illnesses.  Wellness Program - We conduct monthly activities focused on the following: We don’t stop there, we also focus on employee wellness and go out of our way to promote work life balance: Healthy Mondays Every Monday 10 & 10 Physical exercise Influenza Vaccination Family & Work Life Balance Preventing and Managing Hypertension Nutrition Management Stress Management Diabetes prevention & Management Asthma Management Weight Control Thyroid Diseases Eye Diseases Other benefits: o Vacation days o Sick days o Personal Time for exempt employees o Bereavement leave o Flextime for exempt employees Come and join us, the first and best Aerospace firm in Puerto Rico
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